These notes, coauthored with Corinne Manogue, formed the basis for formal and informal seminars at several institutions, including Mount Holyoke and Grinnell Colleges during 2002, and Oregon State University in 2004.

A PDF version of these notes is available here.

Section 1: Complex Numbers

Section 2: Quaternions

Section 3: Octonions

Section 4: Rotations

Section 5: Lorentz Transformations

Section 6: The Hopf Bundles

Section 7: Spinors

Section 8: Spin

Section 9: The Eigenvalue Problem

Section 10: Quaternionic Spin

Section 11: Introduction to the Dirac Equation

Section 12: Gamma Matrices

Section 13: The Dirac Equation

Section 14: The Weyl Equation

Section 15: Particles


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